It’s not uncommon to receive an enquiry from HMRC. If you receive an enquiry letter please contact us and we will offer our support. 

Our  enquiry support service is designed to offer peace of mind, guide you through the process and resolve your enquiry as quickly and efficently as possible.

We have a three step process in place to help support you through the enquiry. We have outlined the three steps below: 


Contact Us

If you receive an enquiry, firstly we ask that you contact us to let us know. We will carry out a thorough review of your claim enquiry to understand it fully to best advise you on your next steps. 





After our analysis of your enquiry, we will send you over our recommendations and provide you with a report which outlines the best way to resolve the enquiry. Our experts will work with your accountant directly and collect further information to support your claim.



You will be required to respond to HMRC. We will support you in your response by drafting a letter for you to send back. In the letter, we will provide a technical report to support your claim. This process may require some back and forth communication between yourself an HMRC,  and sometimes a phone call may be needed. We will be there to support you until the enquiry is resolved and to ensure you receive the best outcome for the business. 


HMRC Enquiry FAQs

What is a HMRC enquiry?

When receiving a claim, HMRC sometimes requests further information to help clarify some of the questions they have about your claim before they complete the claim and issue the funds. 

Why have I got an enquiry?

You need not worry if you do get an enquiry, It is not uncommon. 

They may want some more clarity on the R&D work you have carried out or any changes in circumstances, or they may have questions about your tax return. 

How long does it take to resolve an enquiry?

We will support you through the enquiry process. As explained above, please contact us if you receive an enquiry and our experts will  best advise you.

How do I contact HMRC?

To contact HMRC visit –HMRC Contact

Contact Us

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