Making Your R&D Tax Claim Easy…

We continuously develop and improve our processes to ensure a smooth experience for our clients.

R&D Tax Claim, Step One - Introduction

To start things off, you will be introduced to your consultant. They will arrange a meeting with you to talk through the information that we require to build your R&D tax claim. 




Step Two - Identify

Once we have carried out our research we will be able to identify your qualifying activities and costs.  Our experts will work together to determine the full extent of your qualifying R&D tax claim.


Step Three - Implement


This will include a complete breakdown of the costs your company has incurred and the total figure we are claiming back for you. Our Accountants will follow up with the HMRC to check on your Research and Development tax claim regularly and we will provide you with updates until the funds are received.


What Qualifies?

One of the biggest misconceptions with R&D tax relief is that it only applies to the science and technology industries. This is not the case. In reality, you could be working around challenges on a building site, designing a new app, manufacturing products or making adjustments to existing products… and you could still qualify for the scheme! Your business could be eligible if you are… 

    What Can You Claim For?


    Sub Contractors


    Staff Costs


    How It Works…

    R&D Tax, Research and development process cycle

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